Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've booked my cruise, now what?

You should receive a copy of your invoice via email from one of our Buckeye Cruise representatives. Your information will be submitted to Royal Caribbean, and a reservation/booking id# will be created. You will receive notification of that number via email from the Buckeye Cruise office. Your reservation/booking id# will allow you to complete the cruise registration process, set up your ship account and to book your shore excursions. The reservation process cannot be completed until 90‐days prior to sailing, so hold on to this very important information! When the registration window and shore excursion window opens up, you will be notified by the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer office via email to complete your registration and Set Sail Pass. At that time, retrieve your email and complete the registration on royalcaribbean.com PLEASE READ ALL YOUR BUCKEYE CRUISE FOR CANCER EMAILS, to be aware of important next steps and early opportunities.

Q: What type of identification do I need for the cruise?

Passengers 17 and Older will need a valid driver’s license or government issued laminated photo ID, certified government issued birth certificate (with a raised seal), and if you are a woman who has been married or divorced, you will need a certified copy of your marriage license or your divorce decree. You MUST have each of these documents if you are not traveling with a passport. If you are using a passport that is the only identification you will need. If you are traveling with a child under the age of 16 they can present a certified government issued birth certificate.

Q: Does the name on my reservation need to match the name on my identification?

Yes, it must match your first and last name only as it appears on your valid drivers license; if not correct it could result in possible denial of boarding on the ship plus be subject to a change fee. *NOTE: Passports are highly recommended but not required. If you are using your passport as form of identification, your name will need to match exactly what is on your passport.

Q: How can my family get in touch with me while I'm on the ship, in case of emergency?

They can call the RCCL operator at 1-888-724-7447 and ask for the Explorer of the Seas. They will then connect them with the ship. It is $7.95 per minute with a max of 10 minutes.

Q: Where do the proceeds from the Buckeye Cruise go to?

Proceeds from the Buckeye Cruise benefit the Urban & Shelley Meyer Fund for Cancer Research and The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center - Arthur G. James Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute.

Q: What is the dress attire for this sailing?

Casual or Buckeye attire is accepted for this private charter. Golf shirts, slacks, capris, blouses, skirts, and dresses are acceptable attire for the dining room. Shorts are not permitted in the formal dining room.

Q: Is there merchandise available to me to purchase for the autograph session on board?

No, but you are able to bring your own items to have autographed. ONE item per person per athlete is allowed.



Q: What if I cannot travel- can someone go in my place?

Yes! You can do a name change at least 14 days prior to sailing. There is no refund for cancellation unless you purchase the applicable insurance.

Q: Can I bring my own wheelchair/walker on board ship?

Yes, please advise the booking agent when making your cruise reservations.

Q: Do I need to advise the cruise line of any medical conditions?

Yes, any passenger requiring medical treatment or attention must be reported at the time of booking. Example-guest using wheelchairs, hearing or visual disabilities, special diets, oxygen therapy and dialysis.

Q: Can we get married or renew our vows on board the ship?

Please contact Royal Romance Consultants at 1-888-933-7225 or visit www.royalcarribean.com/weddings

Q: When should I schedule my flight to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale?

If you are flying in the day of we recommend to land NO LATER THAN 12pm. The all aboard is at 4:30pm, so you MUST be on the ship an hour before that time.

Q: When should I schedule my return flight?

We recommend scheduling your return flight after 11:30am on the day we return to port.

Q: What is the name of the Miami Port or address?

Port of Miami -1015 N America Way, Miami, FL 33132

Q: Can I order a gift, flowers or a fruit basket for someone sailing on this special charter?

Yes, you may order an item for a passenger within 120 days of departure with their confirmation number that Royal Caribbean will assign them.

Q: Can I order a gift certificate?

Yes, you can purchase a gift certificate for you, a friend or family member to use as onboard credit toward the spa, casino, gift shops and more. To purchase please call the office to make arrangements, 614-792-6204.

Q: Should I purchase travel insurance?

Travel Partners recommends travel insurance for this special charter sailing. All packages for this event are non-refundable. To learn more about travel insurance, visit our Travel Insurance page or call the office, 614-792-6204.

Q: When should I schedule my flight times for the ship?

Travel Partners recommends flying in the day before especially if you live in the Midwest due to possible weather problems. If that is not possible please make sure that your flight arrives at least three hours prior to departure time.

Q: What is the required age to sail?

A parent or legal guardian must accompany a guest under the age of 21; infants MUST be at least 6 months to sail.

Q: Can I bring my grandchild or my child's friend on board the sailing?

All nonfamily children under the age of 18 must have a notarized letter from one parent or guardian authorizing sailing with the family, plus authorization to allow emergency medical treatment and permission to sign waivers on behalf of the minor.(Rock climbing) The specific activities permitted must be noted on the letter. Grandparents or any other relatives cannot be a substitute for a parent.

Q: Is there a charge for children under 2?

Yes, Infants 6 months through age 2 will pay $279.

Q: What beverages are complimentary?

Fresh brewed regular and decaffeinated coffee, assorted teas, ice tea and lemonade in the restaurants. Juice is complimentary during breakfast.

Q: Are there alcohol packages available on the Buckeye Cruise?

No, there are no alcohol packages available on the ship, however there are soda and water packages available for purchase.

Q: What are the new dining times on the Buckeye Cruise?

Early dining is at 5:30pm and Late dining is at 7:45pm

Q: Is there shampoo/soap and hair dryers in the cabins?


Q: Is there an iron in my Cabin, or should I bring my own?

No. Irons and steamers are prohibited.

Q: Are the Royal Caribbean shore excursions the only excursions available?

No. But the Royal Caribbean shore excursions are highly recommended. Royal Caribbean ensures that you will have an excellent vacation experience by choosing their partners, who have a history of being safe and credible.

Q: If I am pregnant, can I sail on the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer?

Guests cannot sail beyond 23 weeks of pregnancy.