OVER $3 MILLION RAISED FOR THE 2018 BUCKEYE CRUISE FOR CANCER!!! Stay tuned for 2019 BC4C Information.

Just a little reminder of how AMAZING the 2018 Buckeye Cruise was... $3 Millions raised!!! THANK YOU!!!

The Winning 50/50 numbers from the 11th Buckeye Cruise for Cancer are:

2/21 Day 1 A473191 -CLAIMED

2/22 Day 2 A533704 -CLAIMED

2/23 Day 3 C584442 -CLAIMED

2/24 Day 4 D127749 -CLAIMED

2/25 Day 5 D164574 -CLAIMED

To claim your prize, call our office at (614) 792-6204.

The 2019 Buckeye Cruise Cabin Winners were: Tim Harmon, Doug Hausfield & Michelle Custodio

The Jeep Raffle Winner was Sean Kiltau!

And the Byers Car Raffle Winner was Tom Zip!

Congrats to all of our Winners!

Survivors and Opening Night Ceremonies!
Rooster's Day at Sea!
Some of our Buckeye Greats and Buckeye Coaches Onboard the 2018 BC4C!